Megan Fox - Here's Why Machine Gun Kelly Is Super Attractive In Her Eyes!

Megan Fox - Here's Why Machine Gun Kelly Is Super Attractive In Her Eyes!
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It’s no secret at this point that Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are dating! That being said, it seems like things are still in the beginning phase and their relationship is more about mutual attraction than anything else!

One insider report claims to know that the actress loves the ‘less traditional look’ when it comes to the men she is attracted to and MGK definitely fits that description!

More precisely, she is super into his many tattoos covering most of his body!

The source tells HollywoodLife that ‘MGK is definitely different from Brian and that’s exciting for Megan.’

Megan has been spending a lot of public time with hew new lover and the insider did mention that she wasn’t really spotted doing the same with her estranged husband because she had fallen out of love with him years ago.

However, they stressed that despite her feelings going away, Megan still loves him a lot ‘as a person.’

But physical attraction is a different story!

The source shared with the same site that the actress had ‘always secretly loved a guy with tattoos and a less traditional look so nobody’s really surprised to see her dating someone like that, so she was very physically attracted to him. [She was looking for] something different after Brian and she’s gotten that.’

That’s not to say that it’s all physical between the new lovers.

Things could definitely develop into something more and they are even taking things slow to make sure it’s not just a short-lived, hookup type of relationship.

Taking things slowly, however, also means that they are still far from meeting each other's children!

‘She seems to be quite happy with the way things are going,’ the insider stressed.

Her personal happiness is obviously something Megan Fox had been neglecting for many years but not anymore!

And if Machine Gun Kelly can give her that, then so be it!

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