Matt Barnes Accused Of Stalking Ex-Girlfriend Anansa Sims Who Put Out A Restraining Order On Him

Matt Barnes Accused Of Stalking Ex-Girlfriend Anansa Sims Who Put Out A Restraining Order On Him
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Although the two seemed to be a happy couple, Anansa Sims and Matt Barnes have called it quits. The model has made it clear that she fears for her life but new details are coming to light about the breakup.

Matt took to Instagram to say that he hopes he can see the son that they share soon -- hinting that he's being kept away.

Anansa responded by sharing a photo message that talked about controlling partners and said that her child's father can see their baby when he wants but she is praying that the restraining order she has keeps her safe.

It gets worse.

A source close to Sims told the Shade Room that Barnes is stalking her close friend.


The social media blog posted the inside information that read: 'Matt has been threatening, stalking, cyber-stalking and harassing my girl cause he won’t accept that she is completely done with him, not the other way around. Bruh said he'll even put hands on any man she messes with the same way he did Derek Fisher during the whole drama with Gloria (allegedly). He also brought in his sister for backup and she’s been threatening Anansa too (allegedly). As far as their baby, Ashton is not being kept away from Matt at all, c'mon now…don’t believe the hype. He can see his baby, it's in the restraining order too! She's not keeping him from his son y'all.'

The message went on to say that Matt is doing the same thing that he did to his ex Gloria Govan and explained why Anansa called it quits.

'The same thing he’s doing to Anansa is what he did to Gloria back when they were together…when he can’t handle a relationship ending, he spazzes out (allegedly). My sis is trying to have a healthy co-parenting relationship with him like she has with her ex! Who btw is the daddy of her other three kids. The real tea though Shaderoom is Matt couldn't stop cheating on her. When my sis had enough and realized her worth, she ended it for good!'

Hopefully, the two can find a healthy way to co-parent.

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