Kirk Douglas Didn't Leave Michael Any Of His Money After He Died

Kirk Douglas Didn't Leave Michael Any Of His Money After He Died
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While Kirk Douglas was a generous man, apparently, he didn't leave much of his estate and wealth to his celebrity son, Michael Douglas. The Mirror was the first to report that Kirk Douglas, who died on the 5th of February at the age of 103, gave $61 million to charity.

The Hollywood actor didn't leave much to his son and his grandson. Reportedly, the money primarily went to his charity, the Douglas Foundation, which will send the proceeds to the Children's Hospital in LA.

Moreover, much of the cash flow went to the Kirk and Anne Douglas Childhood Center, as well as the St. Lawrence University scholarship for at-risk youth. Reportedly, there was a lump sum of cash that didn't go to charity, $10 million, but it isn't clear who got it.

Douglas' wife, Anne, is still alive, as are his three sons, Michael, Peter, and Joel. Frankly, it makes sense that Kirk didn't give much money to Michael Douglas, considering he's worth $300,000,000 already.

When he revealed his father's death earlier this month, Michael Douglas and his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, praised his father for his charitable nature. In his statement at the time of Kirk's death, Michael shared that in addition to leaving a massive legacy in the film industry, Kirk was known for his philanthropic endeavors.

Michael Douglas has been in the media headlines several times over the last few years, including most recently, when his son revealed that he struggled with drug abuse for years. Cameron Douglas released a new memoir in which he explained his struggles with drug addiction and encounters with the law. Cameron spent seven years of his life in prison.

Michael Douglas, on the other hand, like his father, has a long and illustrious filmography in which he starred in many classic movies, including Wall Street and Basic Instinct alongside Sharon Stone.

Additionally, Michael's film, Falling Down , has become a cult classic in recent years for its depiction of modern societal ills.

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