Matt Barnes Issues Public Apology To His Ex Anansa Sims After Taking Breakup Drama To Social Media

Matt Barnes Issues Public Apology To His Ex Anansa Sims After Taking Breakup Drama To Social Media
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After his messy split from Gloria Govan, it seemed that Matt Barnes found his happily ever after with Anansa Sims. However, the athlete took to Instagram to air out their dirty laundry which began a scandalous bout of back and forth.

Matt posted a photo of him and the child he shares with Anansa stating that he misses him and insinuated that he was being kept away. Sims responded on her own by claiming that she isn't keeping him away from their son but did put out a restraining order because she was scared for her safety.

It appears that the two are back on good terms as far as co-parenting goes. So much so, that Matt took to social media again to apologize.

In the spirit of 'public disrespect and private apologies don't mix,' Barnes explained his side in a video.

'It made me wanna really take a step back and apologize to my ex, Anansa, for taking our relationship, or our breakup public. And when we hit a rocky point, flipping-out on her out of emotion, out of hurt, out of anger, out of frustration, the little misunderstanding; it was wrong for me to do. Should have learned the first time, but there’s no book to this, there’s no guide to this. I mean, we’re learning on the fly.'


The former baller went on to say: 'In hindsight, obviously in the moment you do react off of emotion most of the times but then you sit back and you’re like, ‘Damn, maybe I shouldn’t have did that.’ Just wanted to take the opportunity to publicly apologize for my actions and like I said, putting our mess out there in the public. She was nothing but amazing. Great mom, great partner. It just didn’t work out, but I wish her nothing but the best.'


Anansa publicly accepted his sorry by commenting: 'I forgive you. I love you. I’m grateful we’re on a peaceful co-parenting road. I pray God keeps you covered for all of your days.;

It's great to see the two come to a solution to peacefully co-parent their beautiful little boy.

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