Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Whistle Register In New Sugar Plum Fairy Acapella Rendition

Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Whistle Register In New Sugar Plum Fairy Acapella Rendition
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If you thought Mariah Carey lost her whistle register, shame on you for your blasphemy! The goddess of all things R&B has certainly not lost her whistle register and is here to remind you that she is the queen. Mariah is celebrating the 25th anniversary of her top holiday album Merry Christmas  and in addition to the original album, she's included several remixes, special performances of some of her favorite songs from the album, and opens and closes the second disk with a Sugar Plum Fairy rendition that will blow you away.

Mariah Carey has been a part of Christmas celebrations around the world since releasing her album in 1994. The single "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is one of the most played secular songs during the holiday. Many of the Christmas carols and hymns that Mariah included on the album aren't just played in people's homes but are sung in churches as well.

Written by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky for the ballet The Nutcracker in 1892, the Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy is one of the most recognized Christmas songs of all time. This year, listeners can hear Mariah Carey's amazing version as she first performs the song on her album Merry Christmas (Deluxe Anniversary Edition) and then ends the collection of Christmas tunes with the song acapella.

The first song on the second disk is the "Sugar Plum Fairy Introlude" and it is only 44 seconds long, but it is worth every millisecond for Mariah's fans.

You may listen to the "Sugar Plum Fairy Introlude" in the video player below.

Mariah Carey understands how much her fans love to hear her whistle register. Mariah remains in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most number-one singles by a solo artist. She has an incredible five-octave range and at one point was rumored to be the Guinness record holder for widest range. That record now goes to Brazilian singer Georgia Brown who has a proven eight-octave range. But Mariah has nothing to worry about. Her fans still know she's their queen songbird.

You may listen to Mariah Carey sing the "Sugar Plum Fairy Introlude" acapella in the video player below.

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