Mama June's Family's Worries Increase Over Her Troubled Relationship With Geno Doak

Mama June's Family's Worries Increase Over Her Troubled Relationship With Geno Doak
Credit: Source: PopCulture

Mama June’s romance with Geno Doak is heading down a dangerous path. Inside sources claim that Doak has been manipulating June and controlling her every move to the point that her family is worried about her safety.

A few months ago, police officers arrested June and Doak on charges of cocaine possession. Doak was also charged with domestic violence, though the incident apparently brought the two closer rather than driving them apart. For June’s family, they reportedly fear the worst and believe Doak has locked June in a “mental prison.”

According to TMZ, the family also believes that Doak has been spreading lies about them to keep June away. This includes telling June that her family is making moves against her. As far as a motive is concerned, the family says that Doak is after June’s money, which he has been using in lieu of a steady job.

June’s daughter, Honey Boo Boo, visited her last week to try and free her from Doak’s harmful influence. But instead of a quiet visit with her mom, Doak wrecked his vehicle into the side of the house. He was reportedly so drunk that he could not stand after getting out of the SUV. Despite all of the drama, June does not think Doak is doing anything wrong and refuses to listen to her family.

In light of everything that has happened, inside sources claim that Honey Boo Boo, now 13 years old, does not want to move back in with her mother. As long as June is dating her troubled boyfriend, Honey Boo Boo wants nothing to do with her. She also believes that June needs to go to rehab to get help for her substance abuse, which is pretty solid advice.

Until Mama June ditches Doak, Honey Boo Boo is living in her older sister’s house. If June does not change soon, her sister might fight for custody.


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