Madonna Claims Instagram Was Created To 'Make You Feel Bad'

Madonna Claims Instagram Was Created To 'Make You Feel Bad'
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According to a report from Page Six, Madonna recently sat down with reporters from The Sun and explained that she believes Instagram is "designed" to make a person feel bad. Speaking with the outlet, the superstar-performer let her true opinions on the social media juggernauts fly.

Moreover, she described the people who use it as acting as "slaves to winning other's approval." The Material Girl said to the United Kingdom newspaper that individuals find themselves getting very "caught up" in comparing themselves to others, and the effect is deleterious.

Additionally, the star said she once considered running for the president of the United States. However, after reflecting on what the position would entail, the singer came to the conclusion there is no worse job than being the president of the United States.

Previously, Madonna got into a bit of a verbal spat with reporters from The New York Times after they published a piece on her. Madonna criticized the writer for publishing details which she found to be either trivial or offensive, including the continuous references to her age.

After, The New York Times wrote another article in response to her condemnation on Instagram, writing that it's difficult to read about oneself sometimes because how you come across to others becomes exceedingly clear.

In the same interview with The Times, Madonna explained she was crushed when her 2015 album, Rebel Heart, was leaked online with much of the record's songs being in the demo stage. The singer-songwriter said the leak definitely had a negative impact on her album sales.

Albums getting leaked on to the internet before it's actually ready is a common occurrence. While many artists hate when it happens, sometimes, it has the effect of allowing fans to hear an artist's work when they never would've gotten the chance.

One instance of this is the leak of the Fecal Matter demo tape, created by Kurt Cobain, the lead singer and songwriter of the legendary 1990s rock band, Nirvana.

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