Kandi Burruss Takes Fans Down The Memory Lane With Her Latest Post

Kandi Burruss Takes Fans Down The Memory Lane With Her Latest Post
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Kandi Burruss shared a post about Destiny's Child's 'Bills, bills, bills' which she wrote a while ago. Fans are praising her and saying that she practically made history.

Kandi wrote five songs on the group's album, and some fans who had no idea were really surprised and praised her talent.

'Bills Bills Bills - This song was released on June 14, 1999 and later become the first chart topper for the group! The video was directed by @darrenrgrant1! Also here are a few dope covers over the years, one from Glee featuring @darrencriss and the other is by the amazing @jadenovah,' Kandi captioned her post.

Somoene said, 'Writing these hits that are still paying your bills,' and another follower posted: 'Kandi you are way too humble! But that’s why you don’t stumble!!!'

One other person said, 'That album is still a classic! My fav Destiny Child’s album.'

Someone else wrote, 'Yes! I was listening to an interview recently and it said you had 5 songs on the project. I was like whoa I didn’t know that. LOL! You are goals!'

One of Kandi's fans wrote, 'She Can’t Love You was my favorite track on that album. I was lucky enough to see these beautiful ladies in 98, 99, and 00. Hopefully one day I can see you, the queen of hit r&b song writing.'

Just recently, Kandi had an interesting question for her fans. She justed asked them what would they do if they could go back in time and met their younger selves – what they would ask.

She shared a clip which is filled with photos since she was little, and fans cannot get enough of her.

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