Olivia Munn Thanks The New York Police Department For Returning Her Lost Dog

Olivia Munn Thanks The New York Police Department For Returning Her Lost Dog
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According to a report from Page Six, Olivia Munn recently thanked the New York Police Department for returning her dog after it was swiped by a dog-walker on Friday evening. The star of X-Men: Apocalypse, who's also a spokesperson for the very same company, Wag!, addressed the controversy in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything."

When a Reddit user asked her if she got her dog back, Olivia said, "Yes! Thank God!" She said it was the reason why she was late to the 'Ask Me Anything' because she was up all night the evening before. Munn thanked the New York Police Department as well as Detective Kaufman for bringing her dog home.

The police said Benny was reunited with his parents, Max and Sophie Troper, at the New York Police Department after the police had to arrest a 22-year-old man named Christian Madriaga. They hit him with burglary charges.

Reportedly, the dog went missing from their home in Battery Park on Thursday, and they suspected it was a person from the dog-walking application. They surmised it had to be a particular individual because they were the only person with access to the key.

A spokesperson for the organization, Wag!, said they and everyone at the company were incredibly happy that Olivia was able to get her dog back, safe and sound. They also thanked the New York Police for returning the little Shitzu.

The last time Olivia Munn was in the media was for a far more controversial reason. During the release of the remake of the reinstallment of The Predator movie, starring Olivia Munn and others, Olivia outed one man, Steve Wilder, on set who was charged with preying on a young girl many years ago.

The alleged perpetrator was supposedly a good friend of the director, who believed he was wrongly accused, and thus, the director was doing him a favor by bringing him on the set and giving him a job.

Directed by Shane Black, the movie scored a $188,000,000 box office success on just an $88,000,000 budget. The movie earned a meager 33% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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