Meghan King Edmonds Husband Jim Says He 'Never Touched' The Woman Who Accused Him Of Cheating On Meghan

Meghan King Edmonds Husband Jim Says He 'Never Touched' The Woman Who Accused Him Of Cheating On Meghan
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Jim Edmonds, the husband of Meghan King Edmonds, said to reporters from the publication that he never cheated on his wife. The retired baseball player said to Us on Friday, on the 15th of June, that he "never touched" the woman.

Moreover, he said the allegations were a joke, and the woman was merely upset because he turned her down one evening. "It's amazing what people can make up," Mr. Jim Edmonds explained, casting serious doubt on the intentions of the accuser.

Just one day before, the website, AllAboutTheTea, accused Jim of cheating on his second partner, Allison Jayne Raski, with a different woman before they broke it off in 2014. Supposedly, Jim hooked up with her again last year in March when Meghan was pregnant with their two one-year-old twins, Hayes and Hart.

Meghan and Jim also share a 2-year-old daughter named Aspen. Moreover, the publication claims to have access to screenshots of text message exchanges in which Jim masturbates and shows off a picture of his penis on the day his wife gave birth to their children.

The outlet accused Jim of coming to a non-disclosure agreement, in other words, paying her to not say anything about the alleged affair. On Friday, Jim said he "did send the texts," and he was wrong to do so, however, he never touched her.

However, he did meet her in real life to discuss why she was accusing him of cheating. Jim claims she was trying to extort money from him. In a blog post this past Friday, Meghan said she no longer trusts Jim and wrote a post with the title, "I'm Sad."

Meghan said her husband still cheated, although not physically, and it hurts her to know that. Jim said to reporters from TMZ that he and his spouse are doing well despite reports to the contrary. The retired baseball player added he was sorry for hurting his wife and family.

Jim went on to accuse the woman of setting up other men in an attempt to extort money. Other celebrities to face similar scandals includes, perhaps most famously, David Letterman, who addressed the accusations on air one evening. David took the stage to say he had been sleeping with a subordinate on the show, and she was trying to extort money from him.


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