Olivia Munn Stuns In Nanushka

Olivia Munn Stuns In Nanushka
Credit: Source: Olivia Munn/Twitter

Olivia Munn looks gorgeous in a photo she shared on her official Instagram and Twitter accounts where she wore an olive green outfit from Nanushka . At 40-years-old, the brunette beauty continues to serve fashion goals and people take notice. Olivia is in excellent shape and is regarded as one of Hollywood's most fashionable celebrities. She has that quality about her where she can wear anything and make it look like she's just stepped off a Paris runway. Olivia is also revered as a natural beauty who doesn't need to wear a ton of makeup to make herself look good but is just as gorgeous fresh-faced as she is with makeup that she always applies with a light hand. When it comes to natural Hollywood beauties, Olivia is one of the top women who make the list.

Olivia is also known for her ethnic heritage that gives her a distinct beauty that is like fellow actress Gemma Chan. Both Olivia and Gemma have mixed European and Asian ancestries that allowed them to hit the gene pool lottery! They are also recognized for being role models to Asian immigrant children!

Olivia Munn's mother was a Vietnamese/Chinese refugee who immigrated to the U.S. following the Vietnam War. Speaking at the Inspiration Awards at the Apex for Youth Gala, Olivia Munn stated the following to the Huffington Post about her mother's influential upbringing and how it affected her.

My mom always taught me that I mattered. It didn’t matter what anyone else thought, I mattered. I’ve always had this strength because of my mother. But this is something that all Asians do have ― we have a very strong sense of self and that’s not something anyone else can take away.

Olivia's strong sense of self extends to her fashion wardrobe as well. You may see the Huffington Post's article about Olivia Munn and Gemma Chan below.

Olivia looked stunning and strong in the Nanushka outfit. The top is called the Idris Pleated long Sleeve Blouse, and it costs about $760. The color is green, and it features a V-neck with a gathered, pleated front.

The pants are called the Nanushka High-Waisted Trousers, and they cost approximately $750. You may see the outfit Olivia Munn wore below.

What do you think about Olivia Munn's outfit? Are you a fan of her fashionable style?


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