Madonna Accuses London Concert Venue Of Censorship After They Shut Down Her Show Early

Madonna Accuses London Concert Venue Of Censorship After They Shut Down Her Show Early
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Madonna wasn't happy with the crew of the London Palladium after the British venue pulled the plug on her performance due to her surpassing the allotted time.

The singer-songwriter was there performing as part of her new Madame X tour last night, however, the Palladium cut the lights around 11:00 pm.

The singer later took to her Instagram to express her displeasure with the venue, saying in the Instagram Story, "censorship, censorship, motherf*cking censorship." The Hollywood Reporter, however, reports that the singer-songwriter is notorious for starting shows later and often ending beyond what she and the venue had previously agreed on.

Madonna accused the Palladium of censoring her performance after she went just five minutes over curfew. She claimed she was going to sing just one more song. The singer-songwriter went on to say she was at least glad nobody was hurt, and the venue "stopped halfway."

Additionally, she thanked everyone there who stayed and didn't leave during the short break. Representatives for the Palladium, however, stated to the BBC that Madonna had been warned not to go past her curfew. Moreover, they denied using the fire curtain.

A spokesperson for the organization, during a chat with BBC, claimed that despite what was reported by several outlets, they never used the "Iron Fire Curtain." Fans of Madonna know this wouldn't be the first time she was infuriated over a miscommunication.

Back in 2019, Madonna slammed the New York Times for the piece they did on her. The singer reportedly wasn't happy with the outlet for the way in which they mentioned her age.

During the same interview, the singer explained that she felt "raped" by the fact her previous album had been leaked before its release date. In other news, the Madame X artist has been hanging around a 25-year-old model over the last few months.

Last year, Ashley Mitchell reported that Madonna had been spotted with her much younger boyfriend. Even Wendy Williams had something to say about it. As it turns out, Madonna and Ahlamalik Williams apparently are in a serious relationship.

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