'Love And Hip Hop' Star, Tommie Lee Is Back In Jail After She Came To Court Drunk

'Love And Hip Hop' Star, Tommie Lee Is Back In Jail After She Came To Court Drunk
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It seems that Spring doesn't bring too much joy for the Love & Hip Hop star, Tommie Lee. She has reportedly been arrested after she showed up in court drunk. Here are more details.

More outlets are revealing the same thing - that Tommie is back in jail for being extremely drunk during a court appearance.

According to the latest reports, the former 'Love & Hip Hop' star showed up to court last week in Cobb County, GA for a hearing in her child abuse criminal case.

Law enforcement sources have reportedly told TMZ that she seemed intoxicated. It looks like she was so drunk that the judge ordered her to undergo drug and alcohol testing immediately.

Her BAC was reportedly 0.16 - this is twice the legal limit and also a violation of her bond. The woman was arrested on the spot, and no bail has been set yet.

There's a post on her Instagram account which says that she is apologizing for showing up to court drunk, also saying that she needs help and treatment.

The Shade Room reminds readers that she 'is currently facing child abuse charges from when she allegedly disrupted her daughter’s class as she dragged her out by her hair, slammed her into a locker, and even slapped her.'

Things are not too great because she may be facing up to 54 years behind bars .

The news triggered mixed reactions from people, with some of them supporting her and saying that she needs help, and others saying that she deserves to be jailed.

Someone said 'But she’s not an alcoholic and doesn’t have a drinking problem. She needs help.'

Another follower agreed and wrote 'she’s fighting a tough battle within herself she needs help first step admitting she has a problem then going from there. A tight support system is definitely needed right now.❤️'

One person posted 'Look how early court starts, and you showed up there drunk I don't even feel bad for her, I was just ignorant and it shows how much she don't care, classic love/ hip-hop honey.'

Someone else says 'Damn come on Tommie, please get therapy. There are things that are not being addressed. 🙏🏾✴️'

One commenter believes this: 'Wow. She is too old to not have learned yet. Tommie what is really going on baby.'

What do you think about what happened to Tommie and about how she's acting?

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