Tommie Lee Faces 54 Years Behind Bars For Child Abuse!

Tommie Lee Faces 54 Years Behind Bars For Child Abuse!
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As fans of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta already know Tommie Lee is involved in a child abuse scandal and now it looks like she may have to spend a very long time behind bars because of it. The charges are a result of a shocking incident with her daughter that took place at her school.

According to a report by TMZ, the woman could end up having to serve fifty years or more in jail if she is found guilty.

The indictment filing states that, back in October, she went into her young daughter’s class, not only disrupting the lesson but also hitting the girl’s hands with a purse strap.

And that’s all! Tommie also supposedly slapped her child’s face and dragged her out of class by her hair, before slamming her into a metal locker in the hallway.

The accusations are so bad that the reality TV star faces no less than seven charges.

Prosecutors told the same outlet that if she is determined to be guilty in all of them, she might have to serve 54 years in prison!

While the legal repercussions were just reported, the shocking attack was actually something fans already knew about since she was taken into custody back in October when the incident took place.

The arrest was made based on accusations of child cruelty, battery, and aggravated assault.

Tommie was released the very next day after paying her $27k bond.

She was also ordered by the court to stay away from her child, but only three hours after being released from jail at the time, she reportedly violated the order, deciding to get in touch with the daughter anyway.

As a result, she was arrested once again and remained in jail for some time without bail.

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