Fans Warn Princess Love Not To Mess With Tommie Lee After She Claims Tommie And Ray J Hooked Up -- Tommie Responds

Fans Warn Princess Love Not To Mess With Tommie Lee After She Claims Tommie And Ray J Hooked Up -- Tommie Responds
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Tommie Lee quickly became a fan favorite as she reminded Love and Hip Hop fans of firecracker Joseline Hernandez. Even though they started off as love interests, Tommie and Joseline ended up being on bad terms by the time Hernandez left the series.

Many fans felt that Joseline had met her match. Since then, Tommie has been involved in multiple altercations and is even supposed to face off against Natalie Nunn in a boxing match.

During a recent episode of a Love and Hip Hop special, Princess Love revealed in a game that host Kendall Kendall made the stars play that Tommie Lee hooked up with her husband Ray J (who hooked up with multiple women on the Love and Hip Hop franchises).

Tommie took to social media to deny the claims.

'I've never been with anybody on that show besides scrapp. @Princesslove keep my f***in name out cha mouth spreading rumors girl ya man been for the streets, but he ain't Neva bend my block FOH!'

The message was reposted on The Shade Room where fans warned Princess Love that Tommie was not a person to mess with even if she was telling the truth.

'Princess messing with the wrong person in this situation 😭,' said one person'

'Tommie is REAL LIFE CRAZY , not REALITY CRAZY princess needs to know the difference. Even joseline was scared to fight tommie,' added another.

This person wrote: 'Princess this is not what you want.'

After the comments went viral, a video of Tommie Lee insinuating that she would hook up with Ray J 'again' was circulating.

Tommie took to her Stories to deny it.

'Nice try still never f***ed him like I said, prime example of editing / scripts move on this is how old 5 years to be exact! I've never even seen that man in person ever Lol!'

She went on to explain why she said what she said in the clip: 'It was literally a f***ing game they played smash, kill, or destroy. O actually didn't like anyone in the line up and had to do this part over 15 times til I gave in. And also was threatened that I don't participate that I would be suspended or lose my check.'

Who do you believe in this situation?

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