Lizzo Accused Of Plagiarism Over Iconic Truth Hurts Lyric

Lizzo Accused Of Plagiarism Over Iconic Truth Hurts Lyric
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A sibling songwriting team is accusing Lizzo of stealing the most iconic line in her hit song Truth Hurts, which is the second plagiarism claim over the lyric in the last year. Brothers Justin and Jeremiah Raisens claim that the singer and her writing team used lyrics, chords, and melodies from an April 2017 writing session for a completely different song and ended up using them in Truth Hurts without giving them any credit.

Justin and Jeremiah Raisens spoke with The New York Times earlier this week and claimed that Lizzo’s line “I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100 percent that b*tch” is something they saw on Twitter and it came from British singer Mina Lioness, who made the first claim of plagiarism against Lizzo in 2018.

The songwriting duo say that they wrote a song called Healthy with Lizzo and her writing team that included Lioness’ now-famous line, but she and her writing team ditched the song and used their work in Truth Hurts without their permission.

“We were never contacted about being credited for the use of the parts of Healthy (melody, lyrics, and chords) that appear in Truth Hurts ,” the brothers wrote in the caption of a video they posted to prove their claim. “We’ve tried to sort this out quietly for the last two years, only asking for 5% [songwriting royalties] each, but were shut down every time.”

Lizzo, AKA Melissa Jefferson, is credited with writing the chart-topping single along with Ricky Reed, Tele, and Jesse Saint John. In response, Lizzo’s lawyer Cynthia S. Arato said that the Raisens did not write Truth Hurts and they didn’t help write any of the material they are now trying to make a profit from.

Arato says that both Justin and Jeremiah “expressly renounced any claim to the work, in writing, months ago.”

In addition to their New York Times interview, the siblings also took to Instagram to show fans the details behind their claim with a side-by-side comparison of the two songs. They wrote in the caption that coming forward publicly seems to be the only way they are able to relieve some of their emotional distress caused by this situation.

The brothers say that the last thing they want to do is throw negativity toward “Lizzo’s momentum and movement as a cultural figure.” They added that they thought the singer would understand their actions because they believe in what she is preaching - believing in themselves and their voices.

Lizzo claims that she wrote the lyric - which was inspired by a viral meme - and she says she never saw Lioness’ tweet. This past summer, she attempted to copyright the phrase “100 percent that b*tch” for merchandising.

Lioness says that she can’t believe how brazen Lizzo and her team have been when it comes to ignoring her, but they know she can’t do anything about it because she doesn’t have the resources.

Lizzo has not responded to the latest claims.

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