Little Women LA's Todd Gibel Tells Fans He's Fine After Finding Out Estranged Wife Christy Gibel Is Pregnant

Little Women LA's Todd Gibel Tells Fans He's Fine After Finding Out Estranged Wife Christy Gibel Is Pregnant
Credit: Source: Radar Online

Little Women LA's Todd Gibel has been one of the more silent husband's on the reality series. Now that his split with Christy Gibel has taken a turn for the worst, fans are checking in with him to see if he is okay now that it is public that his estranged wife is expecting a baby with the man she left him for.

Todd took to Instagram months ago to tell followers that he was struggling with depression that may have caused the 42-year-old Lifetime star to leave him. He also opened up about finding messages between his soon-to-be ex-wife and Gonzo Carazo who both of them knew before the new couple started dating.


Just weeks after finding out about Christy's alleged betrayal, the aspiring actress also filed for an annulment while accusing him of tampering with her mail, verbally abusing her, and taking prescription medication.

On Thursday, it was announced that Gonzo and Christy are expecting a baby. Followers flocked to Todd's comment section to check on him.

Gibel posted a celebratory photo alongside a caption that read: 'I appreciate everyone who's checking on me to see if I'm okay. The answer is yes, I'm fine :) I'm actually taking relief in the fact we didn't have a child and she or he would have to deal with it. If there is one thing that is sad to me is the fact they announced it through the tabloids and not their own social media pages. How do you not take joy in the fact you are pregnant and make the announcement yourselves? To me that says so much about them as parents. I wouldn't be shocked if I hear down the road that they are naming the baby Radar. Have a good night everybody :).'


The Radar comment was a jab at his ex and new beau because they have been giving exclusives to Radar Online.

A day later, Todd revealed that he received notice that the house he and Christy used to live in has been trashed and abandoned. What do you think of this mess?


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  • Melodie
    Melodie Mar 29, 2021 4:55 AM PDT

    I always had Christy back with Terra. But what she did to Todd is almost unforgivable. she obviously lied about him to make herself look like a victim Christ's personality could never kept quiet about what she described her marriage was. I do not even think Tonya believed her . .May be Terra was correct that Christy lies and is a phony. Think about it if she wanted to keep the things she said about Todd private why did she blab it to everyone especially when she was already involved with her new husband. The restraining report was cruel and wrong. What she did as the bible says what goes around comes around. Now I feel foolish defending her thinking she was more virtuous than Terra.

  • Obrun
    Obrun Aug 24, 2019 5:52 PM PDT

    Christy pregnant? I doubt it. Todd a victim? Nooo but neither is Christy. What a hot mess they all are

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