Lisa Vanderpump Would Not Be Against Being Friends With Denise Richards Again

Lisa Vanderpump Would Not Be Against Being Friends With Denise Richards Again
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Now that Denise Richards is reportedly having a hard time shooting RHOBH with her other ladies, it seems like it’s possible for her and Lisa Vanderpump to be friends again! After all, that is something Lisa also went through before she finally left the show for good so they have that in common.

Ever since Lisa’s exit, it’s safe to say that things haven’t been going any smoother on set and now, Denise is the new target of the other Housewives.

This comes after LVP got all the criticism from her former co-stars over the whole Puppygate scandal this whole past year.

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘She’s definitely not as close to many of the ladies as she was just last season and her friendships are not what they once were. They are all upset that she is never around and find it unfair, but Denise is just busy working. They feel like they have to work as well, so she should still want to come to things as much as they do but she doesn’t.’

Another insider also dished that ‘Denise and Lisa Vanderpump have not spoken in months. Lisa was very surprised when she heard that Denise took (husband) Aaron to TomTom over the summer because Lisa figured that if Denise was coming, she would have called her so she felt she did it for her own exposure. She would have loved to have set Denise up.’

They went on to stress that ‘Lisa likes Denise and would be open to having a conversation with her. She heard that she was having a tough season.’

In other words, Lisa would gladly provide a shoulder for Denise to cry on if she wanted to.

It’s up to Denise to decide if she wants to reconcile with Lisa and be pals again.

Do you think that is possible at this point in time?


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