Lisa Vanderpump Sheds Tears At Her First Public Event After Difficult Few Months

Lisa Vanderpump Sheds Tears At Her First Public Event After Difficult Few Months
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During her very first public event since her mother’s passing, Lisa Vanderpump broke down in tears. At the time, she was at LA’s Project Angel Food, helping with preparing the 12th million meal when she got overwhelmed with emotion.

The reality star has been through a lot during the last few months so it makes sense that she sometimes would not be able to contain her tears.

On June 17, she lost her mother and also confirmed that she was exiting Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after no less than 9 seasons, earlier this month.

Just last week, her mom’s funeral took place in London and she just came back.

That being said, her public appearance at LA’s Project Angel Food was the very first since these things took place.

So while she was helping prepare their 12th million meal that would then be delivered to people suffering from serious illnesses, Lisa started crying.

Project Angel Food Executive Director Richard tells HollywoodLife that she ‘arrived in really great spirits when she first showed up as the honoree to help us celebrate the 12 millionth meal at Project Angel Food. She was so grateful that we chose her to deliver the 12 millionth meal and she was deeply moved by that. She got overcome with emotion, she felt the gravity of the moment and that the moment was 30 years in the making.’

‘I know with everything she’s gone through with losing her mother and brother and just coming off of RHOBH that she wanted to give back and do something uplifting. Many people believe that being of service to others is an uplifting experience. She’s the real deal, she didn’t have to come here right after her mother’s funeral and she was so gracious,’ he went on to say.


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