Eva Marcille And Kenya Moore Are Already Butting Heads On 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' -- Fans Are Ready For The Drama

Eva Marcille And Kenya Moore Are Already Butting Heads On 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' -- Fans Are Ready For The Drama
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It does not look like things are going to stay very calm around Kenya Moore on the set of Real Housewives of Atlanta for too long.

Reports via Radar Online indicate that she is already gone through a huge scandal with co-star Eva Marcille during the filming of a recent episode of the Bravo show.

Moore had recently returned to the set and fans had mixed expectations about her presence on the show, but it doe not look like many expected things to get ugly that fast.

The scandal apparently went down while the cameras were rolling, although it is not known at this stage if the producers are planning to use any of the footage in the upcoming episodes.

Eva allegedly accused Kenya of being a compulsive liar and manipulating those around her. Kenya did not hold back and immediately lashed out in return, and things spun out of control fast.

A source said: “Eva and Kenya went at it during filming. Eva told Kenya she was a compulsive liar. Eva also called Kenya a manipulator. Now Kenya has it out for Eva.”

The person added: “Kenya and Eva’s fighting is going to be one of the leading stories this season on the show. Kenya is the villain again, and [Eva] is coming hard for her.” 

It does look like the producers would make a good move by focusing on that fight in the coming episode though, as many fans have found the incident quite interesting and have called for a stronger focus on it.

Others have been more critical of the way things are happening, even going as far as to accuse the producers of trying to manipulate the situation to their advantage, creating unnecessary drama.

However, in the end, the drama is a huge part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta , and it is hard to imagine the production in any other way.

Fans will have to wait and see how things turn out between the two stars soon enough.

A source close to Kenya told Hollywood Life : “Kenya Moore is so excited to be returning to  RHOA . She missed the show and is having a great time connecting again with all the ladies and spending more time with them. Kenya knows that she was made for reality TV and is so excited to share her life with viewers again. Kenya is keeping it real and not holding anything back at all yet again.”

The season is going to be interesting.

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