Lisa Vanderpump Reportedly 'Not Bothered' Her Former RHOBH Castmates Are Celebrating Her Exit

Lisa Vanderpump Reportedly 'Not Bothered' Her Former RHOBH Castmates Are Celebrating Her Exit
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According to a new insider report, Lisa Vanderpump is doing great following her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills exit. The reality TV star apparently is not at all ‘concerned’ about her former castmates talking behind her back now and even celebrating the fact that she quit the show.

Lisa is supposedly moving on and she ‘truly isn’t concerned one way or the other how the ladies feel about her leaving RHOBH. If the ladies are happy that she’s leaving that’s perfectly fine, because she’s just as happy.’

The Vanderpump Rules star regrets nothing as far as leaving RHOBH is concerned.

The source went on to dish that ‘Lisa has been so focused on numerous other projects, on family, and her businesses so it doesn’t leave much time to fret over the opinions of others. Especially those she no longer sees as genuine friendships. Lisa has made peace with it all and knows her truth.’

As fans know, Lisa marked her exit from the show she on for nine years with a video on Instagram that featured a number of memorable moments from the seasons she was part of.

The text read ‘The Pump has left the building. Thank you to all of you for your support for 9 years. #rhobh.’

It was a positive way to end the journey but not too long after, she expressed how disappointed she was to learn that the other ladies talked about her during the reunion episode, which she skipped.

‘I didn’t watch obviously, but the army at my house looking after my furry people did, and I heard from all of you about the nastiness once again. I am in London for my mother’s funeral, I hope that after this awful year I can start life again,’ Lisa wrote.


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