Katy Perry And Her Songwriters Claim Allegations Of Copyright Infringement Over Dark Horse Are Meritless

Katy Perry And Her Songwriters Claim Allegations Of Copyright Infringement Over Dark Horse Are Meritless
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Reported by UPI.com, Katy Perry and her attornies stood up for a judge in a court of law in what was her first day regarding the copyright infringement suit filed against her and her team for the song, "Dark Horse." The songstress is being sued by the rapper, Flame, whose real name is Margus Gray.

The Christian rapper has accused Katy of using the beat from his track, "Joyful Noise," without permission. Today, on Thursday, the 19th of July, Katy said to the judge that she and the song's creators, Sarah Hudson, Juicy J, Max Martin, and Lukasz Gottwald, have never heard of "Joyful Noise" or Gray, as an artist.

Reportedly, there was a moment of technical difficulties playing the song for the courtroom, so Katy said to the judge that she could "perform it for you live."

The artist's lawyer, Michael Khan, said in his opening statement that his client only needs to show that Perry and her songwriting team had access to the song and they can easily show there was plagiarism involved.

Da Truth, also known as Emmanuel Lambert Junior, claimed the track, "Joyful Noise," was a hit in the Christian music scene and it was available across many different platforms, including YouTube and Spotify among others.

Katy's lawyer, Christine Lepera, claimed there is no evidence that the song was distributed, moreover, Christine says it was a very obscure song and there is no way Katy and her team had ever heard of it. Moreover, her attorney claimed the song is too short and the melody is too simple for anyone to claim copyright over it.

Katy won't be the only celebrity to fight against Plagiarism charges, as, Ed Sheeran has dealt with them on a number of occasions. Previously, the singer-songwriter was fighting in a court of law against the estate of Marvin Gaye for the legendary song, "Let's Get It On."

Ed's song, "Thinking Out Loud," which was a huge hit, uses the same chord progression and tempo of the track from Marvin Gaye. According to Rick Beato, one of the most prominent music YouTubers as well as Rhett Shull, the music industry doesn't devote as much time to songwriting as it used too, therefore, writers don't take the time to create songs that are more unique.

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