Lindsay Lohan Talks Her New MTV Show And Lisa Vanderpump: "I Wanted To Take Control Of My Life"

Lindsay Lohan Talks Her New MTV Show And Lisa Vanderpump: "I Wanted To Take Control Of My Life"
Credit: Source: W Magazine

Lindsay Lohan has been, for the most part, out of the spotlight for years after a series of bad public breakdowns years ago. It turns out that while she was laying low, she was prepping to become the next Lisa Vanderpump.

MTV announced that it would be producing a show around Lindsay's new life as a club owner in one of the most elite party locations in the world: Mykonos, Greece.

In Europe, Lohan went into business with a known entrepreneur named Panos Spentzos. Last year, she opened her third location where they decided that it was time for Lindsay to make her comeback as a boss babe.

Cameras followed the 32-year-old actress as she whipped a cast full of known VIP hosts into shape in order to put Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club on the map.

While interviewing with The Post, the 'Mean Girls' actress explained what viewers will be in for.

"I want to control what people’s perceptions are going to be about me, rather than them just making up their own ideas — which always happens to me. We all know that. I wanted to take control of my life. I’m an adult now. I’m 32 years old. There’s drama, but it can be seen in other places. The Beach Club is meant to be a fun place and … I want people to be happy. That’s really important to me — and I want to show that side of me."

One of her proudest accomplishments about opening up her new hot spot was the fact that she was able to get her mom, who rarely flies, to come from America to Greece.

As for what inspired her, she credits the hard work of someone you probably already heard of.

"I’m a really big fan of Lisa Vanderpump and 'Vanderpump Rules,' I really admire her as a woman. She’s a very strong boss and she knows how to manage her people … so I had to kind of pull different reality shows together. This is not about my life — it’s about how I handle these people and me running and managing these places."

'Lindsay Lohan Beach Club' will premiere on MTV Tuesday, January 8. Will you tune in?


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