Lindsay Lohan Beach Club Employee Says She's A Hard Boss: 'Lisa Vanderpump Might Be Nicer'

Lindsay Lohan Beach Club Employee Says She's A Hard Boss: 'Lisa Vanderpump Might Be Nicer'
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Lindsay Lohan has taken on many titles in her life but her latest one as 'boss' has people tuned in to her new TV show to see how she wears the top position. A new report claims that the 32-year-old is tougher than she looks.

TMZ caught up with Lindsay Lohan Beach Club star Sara Tariq who spilled the beans on what it's like working for the star. Apparently, it's no easy feat and Lohan is meaner than Lisa Vanderpump.

"She's really strict. But that's being a boss you have to be a hard a** sometimes. She's very personable so you get to know her as a person. She's been through a lot too."

When the interviewer asked if she would be the new Lisa Vanderpump, Sara responded: "Um...I think Lisa Vanderpump might be nicer."

Lindsay might agree. She's already made headlines for telling one of her employees on social media to change her shoes to match her uniform. It was later revealed that the worker was fired.

The 'Parent Trap' actress was asked about her inspiration for the new MTV hit reality show.

She explained why she chose to do it and who she had in mind while filming.

"I want to control what people’s perceptions are going to be about me, rather than them just making up their own ideas — which always happens to me. We all know that. I wanted to take control of my life. I’m an adult now. I’m 32 years old. There’s drama, but it can be seen in other places. The Beach Club is meant to be a fun place and … I want people to be happy. That’s really important to me — and I want to show that side of me."

She continued: "I’m a really big fan of Lisa Vanderpump and Vanderpump Rules, I really admire her as a woman. She’s a very strong boss and she knows how to manage her people … so I had to kind of pull different reality shows together."

Do you think you'd be able to work for Lindsay Lohan?

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