Lil Wayne's Daughter, Reginae Carter Decides To Speak On The Crooked System - Read Her Message Here

Lil Wayne's Daughter, Reginae Carter Decides To Speak On The Crooked System - Read Her Message Here
Credit: VH1

Lil Wayne and Toya Johnson's daughter, Reginae Carter, decided to speak on the flawed system, following the latest tragic events involving the death of George Floyd. Check out the message that has her fans talking in the comments.

'Woke up in tears because this ain’t right !!!! I don’t usually speak on our crooked system, but I have a father, three little brothers & cousins that are Black Men trying to live in this dangerous world,' Reginae began her message.

She continued and said: 'I ask you all to pray and take action ! WE ARE MAD, WE ARE FED UP, WE WANT TO BE TREATED EQUAL & WE WANT RESPECT AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT! This was cold-blooded murder, and justice shouldn’t even be a question! We gotta come to together and love on each other because we witness EVERYDAY that we all we got !! #blacklivesmatter #LEAVEOURBLACKMENALONE #WECANTTAKEITANYMORE.'

Someone said: 'And it’s not just Black men being hunted and mistreated... it’s Black WOMEN also. Thank you for using your platform to speak up,' and another follower posted this: 'Lord God please touch that person who’s in a dark place and feel like giving up, who’s depressed and hopeless. Let them know they may bend but won’t break! 💙🙏🏾😊 RIP BLACK MAN!!!

A commenter said: 'I agree let’s stop the madness, I’m getting together an event for our black men, I have two young boys and their lives matter 💯 this has got to stop, it’s time we speak up let’s make a change‼️'

Someone else wrote: 'I love all my black men and black women we have to come together,' and a follower told Nea that her dad needs to speak about this: 'Yo dad needs to speak about this he got the voice @colormenae.'

Another follower posted: 'We’re going by this the wrong way! History is repeating itself, from the LA riot to now Minnesota! #blacklivesmatter but don’t give them a reason.'

One Instagrammer agrees with Nae and said: 'Yes, Nae very well-spoken! We must take action for ourselves as well as those we love!'

Other than this, Nae has been flooding her IG account with all kinds of funny clips that her fans adored. She also shared another video in which she’s flaunting her toned body , and fans loved it.


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