Kenya Moore Reveals That She And Marc Daly Are Talking About Having Another Baby

Kenya Moore Reveals That She And Marc Daly Are Talking About Having Another Baby
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Even though Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore announced her split from husband Marc Daly in September 2019, they are still discussing the possibility of having another baby together. Moore - who already shares a 19-month-old daughter named Brooklyn with Daly - revealed in a recent interview that having another baby with Daly is “a sensitive subject.”

“It’s a conversation that we’re still trying to figure out, honestly,” Moore told Us Weekly . “But I really feel, more and more, that I do [want to]. Time is ticking, and I want them to be close in age and … it’s a sensitive subject.”

The former Miss USA noted that Daly is hesitant. She said that “it’s scary for him” because Brooklyn isn’t his only child. She explained that he’s asking: “How many children will I have?” and that is his biggest issue.

“But I don’t think he thinks he can love anyone more than he loves Brooklyn and his other children right now, so … I don’t know,” said Moore. “They have a really strong, strong bond. And I think his fear is that, ‘What if the child comes and I don’t have this kind of bond with him because you didn’t carry her or we’re still figuring out our relationship?’”

The 49-year-old suffered complications during her first pregnancy with Brooklyn, and she says that she is “seriously considering” having another baby via surrogate. Currently, she is waiting for test results to determine if surrogacy is her only option.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Moore says that she and Daly have been in therapy via Zoom. But, she is looking forward to when they can go to sessions in person so they can “dig a little deeper.”

At this point in the interview, Moore got emotional and the tears started to come as she explained the first thing she wants to do after the quarantine. Kenya Moore revealed that she wants to fly to New York so she and Brooklyn can see Daly.

She says that they both miss Daly, and it breaks her heart when Brooklyn goes around the house and says “Daddy, Daddy” when she picks up his pictures.

Until they have the chance to reunite in person, Kenya and Brooklyn are FaceTiming every day with Daly. The RHOA star is also focusing on her business, Kenya Moore Haircare, which will soon be expanding to another retailer.

Kenya Moore has also donated $20,000 to the Baby Quest Foundation to sponsor two couples who are trying to live their dream by adding a baby to their family through IVF treatment.

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