Leah Messer Responds To ‘Despicable’ Comments Left By Trolls Under Pics Of Her Daughter Ali, 10!

Leah Messer Responds To ‘Despicable’ Comments Left By Trolls Under Pics Of Her Daughter Ali, 10!
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Leah Messer took to social media to share a couple of cute pics of her and her daughter Ali but instead of receiving all love, some people decided to leave some ‘despicable’ comments about the 10 year old who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy years ago. As you can imagine, the Teen Mom star was very upset to read those words so she returned to the platform to clap back.

In a tweet shared earlier today, Leah started by saying that: ‘Some of the comments on a photo of me with Ali are despicable. I’m sickened. What world are we living and raising our children in? Let’s teach all of our kids that we are each born with unique differences that make us the beautiful individuals we are!!!’

‘We are all different and that is BEAUTIFUL!’ she added via a second tweet.

Her response was to all the cruel people who had been leaving sickening comments about the 10 year old under photos the proud mother had posted on her platform.

Leah and Ali can be seen snuggling up in the first pic, the little girl smiling brightly.

The second photo is of the loving mother giving her daughter a kiss on the cheek!

‘That’s my girl! #myhope #HopeGraceFaith #feelingblessed,’ Leah wrote in the caption, the second hashtag mentioning the second names of all her three daughters.

As fans of Teen Mom know, Ali was unfortunately diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy back in 2014 when she was only 4 years old!

This is a very rare genetic disease that causes gradually more significant loss of muscle mass due to proteins no longer being produced in the body.

This leads to weakness, delayed growth, having trouble being active as well as muscle pain.

Leah opened up about it in her memoir ‘Hope, Grace, and Faith, which was released earlier this month.

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