Cole Sprouse And Lili Reinhart Might Not Be Over For Good, Multiple Sources Say - Here's Why!

Cole Sprouse And Lili Reinhart Might Not Be Over For Good, Multiple Sources Say - Here's Why!
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At this point, you might have heard the reports that Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are no longer a couple! However, one insider report claims to know that their split might not be permanent!

Furthermore, multiple sources suggested that part of the reason why they took a break was the lockdown amid the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic.

After all, the two Riverdale actors have been in quarantine separately and the distance has supposedly caused their romance to get a bit colder, eventually leading to their breakup.

One source told E! News that when they are around each other, things always go great and they are very affectionate with one another.

However, when they are apart, things are very different.

A second insider explained that ‘Distance is never good for their relationship. They decided not to quarantine together and knew off the bat that it wasn't going to work. They both know their communication is better when they are together in person, and it just wasn't working.’

Supposedly, they decided to call it quits a month or so ago but the sources assured the public that the co-stars are still on good terms, even claiming this is more of a break than a permanent split!

‘They know they will likely reconcile once filming resumes. Both aren't interested in dating other people, just using this time to chill and focus on themselves.’

Another insider also shared the same opinion, telling the news outlet that ‘It seems unlikely that this will be the end of their relationship for good. Once Riverdale resumes production, Cole and Lili will have to be around each other and they have this fiery attraction to one another that always seems to bring them back together.’

The actors are yet to address their relationship status publicly, and it’s unlikely that they will since they are very private when it comes to their love life.


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