Lauren London And LeBron James Share Sweet Posts Praising Nipsey Hussle -- Fans Are In Tears

Lauren London And LeBron James Share Sweet Posts Praising Nipsey Hussle -- Fans Are In Tears
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Model and actress Lauren London is doing all that she can to keep the marathon going strong for her life partner, Nipsey Hussle.

The mother of two went to Instagram recently, where she shared a sweet message about the late rapper and activist. Lauren told Nipsey that she will always love him. LeBron James also penned a heartfelt message where he praised Nipsey.

One person said this: "I miss him, Lauren. They’ll never understand how hard it gets each day for you."

Another backer stated: "We all do bro even to the extreme of the world. No day has gone without me looking at his picture or listening to his uplifting music. His life was a lesson for everyone that you can never give up on your dreams. Life is a marathon, only the legend wins! Nip was a legend💙💙💙 TMC.💙💙💙"

This fan wrote: "They don’t know bro 😢😢 the pain gets worse every day I know what u talking about because his death was not fair, but I know he by ur side even everyday keep pushing he got ur back. Do it for nip & you. Don’t let him down, and y’all came this far!!!!!!!"

Even though Lauren has not been active on social media, along with Nipsey's sister, Samantha Smith, the two have managed to get together for a little celebration and to congratulate little Emani Ashgedom for her recent birthday, with the girl turning 11.

A lot has happened in her life over the last year, and she has had to endure more than the average child her age, drawing lots of sympathy from many people, not just Nipsey's followers but others as well.

Fans have seen a great display of emotions around little Emani's birthday. While it is pretty clear that there are still some high tensions in the air in the relationship between everyone around the girl, it also seems like things have been improving for the most part.

Nipsey's death took the rap world by storm, and many seem to still be in disbelief and shock over the fact that the iconic rapper is now gone.

And while there was initially some speculation regarding the circumstances of his death, this has mostly died down by now, replaced by the mourning of everyone who has now realized the full weight of the loss they have suffered.

And while some are still reeling in, others have been able to pick up the pieces and move forward, which is probably precisely what Nipsey would have wanted if he was still around and watching over those people.

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