Beyonce's Sister, Koi Knowles, Spotted With Stunning New Look In Photos -- Matthew Knowles' 9-Year-Old Daughter Is Forging Her Own Path

Beyonce's Sister, Koi Knowles, Spotted With Stunning New Look In Photos -- Matthew Knowles' 9-Year-Old Daughter Is Forging Her Own Path
Credit: Instagram

It looks like Beyonce's little sister, Koi Knowles, has taken a thing or two from her sibling, as she knows how to carry herself better than the average girl her age.

Just recently, fans of the daughter of Matthew Knowles and Taqoya Branscomb were treated to a new headshot showing off her amazing new looks, and she has made it clear that she is not going to hold back on that front at all.

And while some were worried that 9-year-old Koi was pushing too far for someone her age, that definitely does not seem to be a concern for her right now. She appears to handle fame quite well.

Many of Beyonce's and Solange's fans have rushed to Instagram to praise Koi for her looks, and the young girl has been quite good at maintaining contact with her followers.

Some have criticized the fact that she is on social media at such a young age, but she certainly seems to know what she is doing on that front better than the majority of people around that age.

Fans say hopefully she will continue in the same style because she has made it pretty clear so far that she has got what it takes to stun people and make a good impression.

And Beyonce herself has not spoken about Koi. There was initially some speculation that Beyonce might not be too fond of looking after the young girl due to the way she was born in the first place, but her fans make it clear it is not her job to acknowledge the child. Matthew Knowles is the one responsible for his daughter.

One fan said this in the comment section: "Whether she looks like them or not; at the end, she's a Lil superstars sister. The child is very innocent.. The mom and dad are the ones that brought her into this world. She didn't ask. So stop saying negative things about this Lil angel from God. She's meant to be in this world if she was not. She wouldn't exist.."

This person wrote a sweet note: "Keep shooting for the stars You belong there!!👏👑❤️ You are a beautiful and talented girl!!!! It’s truly sad seeing a lot of these comments on a .. wait for it....... 9-Year-olds post whom you aren’t even related too or birthed. What is wrong with you people?? Any way Koi, you continue to shine.🌟"

Another backer claimed Koi looks like Bey: "You’re so pretty! You look a lot like beyoncé, but you have your own beautiful features like nobody else. 😍♥️"

A fan, who disagreed, shared: "She does not look like Beyonce; she look like her dad and mother, why people are trying to compare them; they just have the same daddy; that's it."

Koi seems in her own lane.


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