R. Kelly Planned Massive Secret Financial Transaction While In Jail After Agreeing To Do This -- His Critics Are Angry

R. Kelly Planned Massive Secret Financial Transaction While In Jail After Agreeing To Do This -- His Critics Are Angry
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R. Kelly is still going through a lot, and it does not seem like the singer's problems are going to end anytime soon.

Things have been getting worse on some fronts, with various new reports coming out that have painted him in an even more controversial light.

Just recently, Kelly faced brand new accusations, implying that he had been considering a significant financial transaction, (about $1 million), in his favor while he was sitting in jail, and the whole ordeal was being orchestrated by people close to him all along.

It was all tied to a TV documentary that was being produced by Dylan Howard, former editor of the National Enquirer at the time, and Kelly could have gotten a lot of screen time if the plans did go through.

It is not clear precisely what threw a wrench in his works, but a lot of things could have happened to make him reconsider his situation.

In the end, it is hardly a secret that Kelly has been doing some creative things under the table to improve his situation and put himself in a more favorable position. Still, the musician has continued to deny any wrongdoings on his part.

His story has become a highly controversial one at this point and has drawn a lot of attention from many people.

Many have accused Kelly of acting against the public's interests, and the Chicago artist seems to have lost some of the support of his fans as well. In the end, though, that has not stopped him from progressing.

One person had this reaction to the news: "Terrible... just terrible! What a disgraceful thing and a slap in the face to the victims once again! Ignorance of the media to do some foolish things like that! Praying For The victims. Not that I ever bought from the National Enquirer. But now. I definitely won’t."

Another commenter stated: "Let’s face it, we all knew that the National Enquirer was trash but between this and the ‘catch & kill’ association with Trump and probably dozens of others makes me firmly believe that they and AMI need to be SHUT DOWN for GOOD!! This is infuriating!!👿👿👿"

This social media user shared: "This goes so high up, on so many levels. And even though I deep inside know - I'm still shocked to the core every time. This HAS to have consequences! I pray for all victims."

Experts say that it will be hard for Kelly to prevail.

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  • Tia J
    Tia J Nov 17, 2019 9:59 AM PST

    Marie, people like you are why he was able to get away with the rape of a 14 year old girl on freaking camera. All of his supporters should be sitting up in jail too for having the capacity to support this pedophile.

  • Latanya White
    Latanya White Nov 16, 2019 11:08 AM PST

    I've been looking at all this stuff about R. Kelly yes he was wrong to mess with them young girls I'm not denying he was not wrong but I feel if he's going to be in trouble he should have so company. Like the parents of them young girls . Not once have I heard or seen anyone go after them if they was that money hungry that they would give there daughter's too a man who is doing all of this. The should be held accountable for something. That's just my opinion.

  • Marie
    Marie Nov 15, 2019 5:18 AM PST

    I don't care what the media or anyone else says, this man is innocent! He hasn't been charged with ANYTHING, yet this bs continues as he's locked up! All the people that were on his team were money hungry, back stabbers from the beginning! They never gave one F about him, he was too caught up in his fame to realize it. His heart is so big and he helped a lot of people get to where they are just for them to turn their backs on him in his time of need! GOD don't like ugly, and ALL those people will certainly pay as he will be VINDICATED!!!

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