Landon Clifford - Famous YouTuber And Teen Dad Of 2 Dies At 19

Landon Clifford - Famous YouTuber And Teen Dad Of 2 Dies At 19
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YouTube celebrity and teenage dad of two daughters, Landon Clifford has tragically lost his life and his wife, Camryn, with whom he shared their Cam and Fam channel as well, took to her platform to post a heartbreaking letter about his passing at the age of only 19.

According to Camryn, her husband spent no less than 6 days in a coma before he lost the fight and passed away.

Her message was filled with praise and loving words, mentioning how even in death, his kindness was able to help others since his organs were donated, saving quite a few lives in the country.

‘He was an amazing husband and best father those girls I could have ever asked for. It saddens me that they'll never get to know him. He was so very young and he had much more life to live. This is not how things were supposed to happen. He was meant to make it to his birthday. He was supposed to walk his daughters down the [aisle]. He was meant to die of old [age] with me.’

‘Words can't come close to describe the pain that I feel. All I can do now is make sure that our girls know how much he loved us,’ the message written in the caption of the pic reads.

In case you are not sure who Landon was, here are a few things about the 19 year old that you should know a few days after his untimely death.

Landon and Camryn became teenage parents in 2018 when their first daughter, Collette was born

The following year, they also got married and welcomed another daughter they named Delilah who is now only 3 months old.

The young couple began dating back in 2015.

As for the YouTube channel that he was famous for, at the time of his passing, it has reached over 1 million subscribers and the two were posting mainly family videos, showing the realities of being teen parents.


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