Lori Harvey And Future Fans Certain They Are No Longer An Item And Here's Why They're Happy About It!

Lori Harvey And Future Fans Certain They Are No Longer An Item And Here's Why They're Happy About It!
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Fans are certain that rapper Future and Lori Harvey are no longer an item after the two unfollowed each other on social media! Check out the reactions!

That being said, many users took to their platforms to react, some being excited about the great album Future would undoubtedly be dropping post-breakup, while others joked about Lori managing to end things with Future before getting pregnant first!

It’s been about three months since Future used Lori’s name on his album, making it apparent that he was involved romantically with the 23 year old daughter of Steve Harvey.

But now, fans noticed that she does not follow Future anymore on his IG page while he only has three visible posts remaining.

Hot New Hip Hop claims that both of them used to have pics with and of each other on their pages and, as you can imagine, those are nowhere to be found now.

This all happened weeks ago and nothing has changed and so, many assumed that the only possible thing this means is that they are no longer together.

One user tweeted: ‘Ik that new future album better be FYE!!! Lori gave my man back to the streets,’ and they were not the only one who thought this breakup would lead to a ‘fire’ album being released soon.

High Off Life was generally appreciated by listeners but in the end, it turns out that people enjoy listening to a ‘heartbroken Future’ rapping rather than to a Future that is rapping while in love and in a happy relationship.

Check out more tweets about this: ‘Future is going to drop the hardest album of the century.[fire emoji] Thank you, Lori Harvey [praying hands].’ / ‘Future and Lori broke up? We boutta get HNDRXX pt 2.’ / ‘Future and Lori broke up it’s ready be some real music dropping.’ / ‘Is it true ? Did Lori break futures heart is that what I’m hearing? Next future album gonna be the toxic future I miss, I’m so excited.’

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