Lala Kent Wants You To Let Go Of Those 'Summer Bodies' Insults From 'Vanderpump Rules' Season Five

Lala Kent Wants You To Let Go Of Those 'Summer Bodies' Insults From 'Vanderpump Rules' Season Five
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Lala Kent, Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney, and Kristen Doute are all BFF's now. However, it wasn't always this way between the 'Vanderpump Rules.'

In season five, it was the OG's versus Lala Kent. On the season premiere, they got into a fight with the 28-year-old who made a rude comment that she's paying for now by the backlash she's getting from viewers who claim she's being hypocritical.

During 'Watch What Happens Live,' the ladies of the show paid Andy Cohen a visit and answered burning questions that fans had.

One of those questions were along the lines of why Lala was so hard on James Kennedy fat-shaming Katie Maloney when she was guilty of doing the same thing in the past.

In the aforementioned episode, former besties Kent and Kennedy crashed the OG's table and insulted them. Lala made the comment: "I can see nobody here has been working on their summer bodies."

Since then, the cosmetics line owner has apologized and hasn't fat-shamed any of her c-stars again because she's grown from it.

She took the opportunity to speak on it while answering the viewer's question.

"I'm so over this. That was such a long time ago. We're focusing on what's happening right now. I'm not still calling her those things; I apologized. And I'm the type of person where if you apologize, that means you're not gonna do it again. So there's a ginormous difference. This is still happening today, last week, yesterday, right now [with James]."

Kent brings up a good point. James has a pattern of apologizing for his vicious ways and then repeating them again whether it be insulting castmates or cheating.

Lala clarified that she does relate to what James is going through but she feels that he should try more to change his ways by cutting out drinking altogether.

"I get that when you drink, you say things that you probably shouldn't be saying. So for me, it's like we gotta get a handle on the source here."

What do you think? Is Lala being hypocritical?


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