Jim Carrey's Political Art Is Coming To New York And You Can See It

Jim Carrey's Political Art Is Coming To New York And You Can See It
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Two time Golden Globe winner Jim Carrey has become as famous for his political art as his successful acting career. The star of television and movies has used his art as a protest against the Trump administration and his work has been shown in various art galleries. On January 16, 2019, Jim Carrey shared a message on his official Twitter account that his art will be part of the New York Outsider Art Fair from January 17-20.

Jim Carrey's artwork is controversial to say the least. He's despised by MAGA Trump supporters and praised by those on the Democratic left who view him as one of the celebrities who use their public platform to spread their anti-Trump messages.

Despite the controversy, people across the board recognize not only Carrey's talent but the speed in which he produces his art. Many of his political drawings and cartoons have gone viral and have sparked widely diverse conversations on social media networks.

Jim Carrey's political art of an American schoolgirl shot dead on the floor of her school that was covered with an American flag, lunch box and spilled contents from her backpack by her side sent shockwaves through the nation.

Carrey captioned the piece that he posted on February 25, 2018, "Oh say, can't you see?!"

Many describe it as the most powerful art Carrey has created to date.

The Outsider Art Fair celebrates those creative and gifted geniuses who are outside the mainstream art field, yet are recognized for their incredible talent and reach. Outsider artists aren't trained and when you realize that Jim Carrey is self-taught, his talent becomes more evident.

As technology and the world changes, so too have the mediums and tools used to create art. Jim Carrey is just one example of how outsider art is making an impact on American culture.

Jim Carrey is a comedian, actor, artist, writer, and producer who has used his fame and success to help better the lives of others. He launched the Better U Foundation and is known for his spiritual insights and wisdom.

What do you think about Jim Carrey's political art? Are you going to see his exhibit at the Outsider Art Fair?

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