Lala Kent Is Ready To Leave Vanderpump Rules

Lala Kent Is Ready To Leave Vanderpump Rules
Credit: Source: Bravo

Lala Kent is ready to leave Vanderpump Rules, according to a new report. And, this time it’s for real. Now that she has quit drinking and is engaged to Hollywood producer Randall Emmett, insiders say that Kent wants to move on “now more than ever before.”

As VPR fans know, Kent left the show in 2016, but it just didn’t stick. She returned the following year, but now Kent is ready to give up her SUR hostess job and start the next chapter of her life.

“Lala feels like she has become a different person since she got sober, and she does not want the same things in life that she used to want,” an insider told Radar Online . “Sure, she loves the money, but now that she is going to marry Randall, she really doesn’t need to worry about having money.”

A second source told the outlet that another reason Kent wants to put VPR behind her is her broken friendship with co-star James Kennedy. Fans watched the former friends have some serious blowouts over the years. But, when Kennedy crossed the line last summer by making a sex joke to her fiance, that was pretty much the end of the friendship for Kent.

The 29-year-old’s priorities have changed, and living life at SUR in front of Bravo cameras doesn’t seem as appealing as it used to. Now, Kent wants to plan her wedding and grow her makeup line, and she is happy where she is in life. Plus, she is also ready to see what comes next.

Kent and her 47-year-old fiance have not yet announced a wedding date, but they will be heading down the aisle soon. However, they have hit a few bumps in the road during their relationship.

On a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, Kent revealed that she had taken a break from Emmett after he broke their sobriety pact while she was away on vacation with the girls. When she found out that he had been drinking while she was gone, Kent says she felt betrayed and alone.

She explained that because she had just unexpectedly lost her father, emotions were heightened. And, if she wouldn’t have been dealing with her father’s death at the time, she probably wouldn’t have gotten so angry.

Eventually, the couple was able to work things out, and Emmett proposed last September.

For now, catch Lala Kent in new episodes of Vanderpump Rules Monday nights on Bravo.


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