Mama June And Geno Doak Mugshot Revealed After She Tweets About 'From Not To Hot'

Mama June And Geno Doak Mugshot Revealed After She Tweets About 'From Not To Hot'
Credit: Source: ET

Mama June and her beau Geno Doak may have been behind bars last week but she isn't acknowledging it so far. The couples' mugshots have been revealed after she took to Twitter to talk about 'From Not to Hot.'

The jail photos find both June Shannon and Geno looking glum about their current situation.

It comes after TMZ reported that the police were called during a domestic incident where Doak told June he would kill her. The police searched the truck they were in and found crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

Audio of a frantic Mama June attempting to pick up the vehicle from the pound. She recounts a different story.

"I'm being straight-up, he g******, it's a DUI, dude. We were sitting in the damn parking lot and g****** cop car came behind, and g****** they came and got us. And g******, they detained me because, g******, I didn't have no d*** license. First they couldn't prove who the f*** I was."


June's family feels that Doak is the bad influence and due to his lengthy legal troubles, he's bringing June down with him.

Just a day after the news of the arrest broke, the reality star and her bad boy boyfriend were seen gambling at a casino.

'From Not to Hot' premiered Friday where the pageant mom took the time to tweet about the episode with her fans.


"Hey y'all sorry my internet has been down and where I'm at does not have cable that picks up wetv but hopefully u r watching my outrageous moments got everything to work now so here I am live tweeting what are you thinking about the most outrageous moments and what is your fav."

"Sorry I'm so late starting tweeting the show but don't forget to watch the most outrageous moments right now and I will be tweeting and line through both shows let's get ready to start the season off good # mamajune."

Do you think Geno is a bad influence?

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