Jessica Simpson Looks Uncomfortably Pregnant In New Instagram Pic As Women Offer Their Encouragement

Jessica Simpson Looks Uncomfortably Pregnant In New Instagram Pic As Women Offer Their Encouragement
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Jessica Simpson's due date is approaching and the 38-year-old mom of two looks uncomfortably pregnant. Sharing a new photo to her official Instagram, Jessica quickly received messages of love and support from women worldwide who felt her pain. In previous Instagram posts, Jessica has spoken about the edema she suffers from, primarily in her feet, legs, and face. She's nearing the end of her third trimester and there's no question this is one baby that Jessica is ready to deliver.

Jessica posed for the pic in a bikini with her hand on her belly. The post has over 256,000 likes and over 9,000 comments. While some people stated she looked uncomfortable and miserable, others reminded her about the precious new life that would soon join her family.

Jessica has publicly announced she is having a baby girl and her name will be Birdie.

You may see the original picture as shared on Instagram below.

Though Jessica looked uncomfortable, she took a humorous approach to the picture. As a play on the word gestation, she captioned the picture "Jess-tation." There's no question that Jessica's "Jesstation" is coming to an end and she'll be rewarded with a beautiful, baby girl.

Jessica has kept a low profile in regards to recent television or movie appearances. She's best known for the 2005 movie Dukes of Hazzard  and the television reality program Newlyweds Nick and Jessica from her marriage to Nick Lachey.

While many people showed love and support for Jessica Simpson by saying that she looked utterly miserable, others pointed out how refreshing it is to see a celebrity who isn't afraid to be real.

One commenter on Instagram said, "How perfect, just perfect." Followed by the comment, "Because she's real."

There's no question that Jessica has been having her fair share of trials throughout this pregnancy but her fans are praising her for her beauty, honesty, and keeping things real.

Jessica's other children are Maxwell Drew Johnson, 6, and Ace Knute Johnson, 5. Many people have spoken out about Jessica's name for her second daughter, Birdie saying it was sweet and adorable.

What do you think of Jessica Simpson's candidness about her pregnancy journey?

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