Lala Kent - Here's Why She Was Not Fazed By 50 Cent's Latest Diss Of Her Postponed Wedding!

Lala Kent - Here's Why She Was Not Fazed By 50 Cent's Latest Diss Of Her Postponed Wedding!
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It seems like the rapper will never stop dragging Lala Kent and her fiance Randall Emmett even though the debt situation that sparked their beef has already been solved! That being said, 50 Cent did not even hesitate to troll the couple when it came to their canceled wedding amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Now, one insider report claims to know how the Vanderpump Rules star reacted to 50’s diss that, no one would’ve come to the nuptials anyway.

‘Wasn’t nobody going to this s**t anyway,’ 50 posted in response to the pair’s announcement.

As fans know, the wedding was supposed to take place next month, in April but because of the current spread of COVID-19 that will no longer be possible so Lala and Randall have postponed it.

Usually, Lala claps back at the rapper but a source tells HoollywoodLife that she is not concerned with what he said at all this time around.

As for the reason why she is not fazed in the slightest, the insider explains that ‘Her only focus now is on doing what is in the best interest for the safety and the health of their family, and for their guests.’

Even though she was really excited for the two of them to have the wedding of their dreams, she is well aware that postponing it was the right and only choice amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

‘Right now they have to do what’s right and that is to postpone things for the time being. She knows everything happens for a reason. They'll tie the knot when the time's right.’

In the meantime, another insider also shared their opinion on the rapper’s trolling, saying that ‘He’s going to continue to drag Randall and Lala over and over because he loves getting under their skin, he knows it will bother them.’


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