Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper 'Find It Sweet' That People Want To See Them Get Married!

Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper 'Find It Sweet' That People Want To See Them Get Married!
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Fans have been shipping Lady Gaga and Bradley Copper like crazy ever since their movie came out. But what do the actors think about people wanting them to get married in real life?

One source tells HollywoodLife that they are not surprised and actually ‘find it sweet!’

So it turns out that Bradley and Gaga are not at all creeped out by the hardcore shipping and find it quite amusing!

As you may know, ever since Lady Gaga ended things with her former fiancé, fans on social media have been begging the A Star Is Born co-stars to start dating even though Cooper is actually in another relationship.

‘Both Gaga and Bradley Cooper find it sweet and laughable at the same time that fans are saying they will get married some day, especially since Gaga announced the end of her engagement this week,’ the insider dished.

They went on to explain that ‘They have been hearing the chatter since they began working together as everyone has told them their on screen chemistry is insane, so of course they aren’t surprised especially now that she is single to be hearing this now more than ever. They expected this even before filming began.’

The source also noted that there is nothing romantic going on between them but that they are good friends and great collaborators.

That being said, Gaga and Bradley would just love to one day work together on another project as well.

The multi-talented woman’s goal is to be taken seriously as an actress and has asked Cooper for advice many times - he is like a ‘mentor’ to her.

Besides, the insider stressed that Gaga would never try to steal Cooper from his girlfriend, Irina Shayk.

The two are very happy together and the singer knows it.

Still, the insider mentioned that it’s hard to say if things would be different if Cooper was single. Maybe then she'd go for it? We may never know!

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