Kylie Jenner Poses In A Room Full Of Sunflowers — Did Travis Scott Give Them To Her?

Kylie Jenner Poses In A Room Full Of Sunflowers — Did Travis Scott Give Them To Her?
Credit: Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner's fans will remember that on Valentine's Day 2019, Travis Scott showed his love to Kylie by filling her home with roses. Now, on Valentine's Day, Kylie shared a photo of herself in a room surrounded by sunflowers. Kylie didn't reveal much in the photo's caption, but just the picture alone has many of her followers suspecting that Travis Scott is the one who gifted her with the incredible present. Kylie shared the photo with her 162.9 million Instagram followers where it went viral and has more than 11 million likes.

Kylie is standing in the mirror selfie wearing white pants that taper at the waist and a short-sleeved, burgundy multi-print tee-shirt. Though Kylie recently indicated her feelings regarding a haircut that was cut too short, Kylie appeared with medium-length, brown hair in the photo.

The color was her normal shade after debuting a new, blonde color as reported by Dylan Fisher. Fans were stunned to see the room filled with roses in 2019, and now they are in shock to see her mansion filled-to-the-brim with sunflowers.

You may see the photo that Kylie Jenner shared on her official Instagram page where her room was filled with sunflowers below.

Though Kylie hasn't publicly stated she and Travis Scott are back together, many people believe they are. Travis and Kylie spent a great deal of time together throughout the holidays and Travis was right there for the Stormi Collection cosmetics party and Travis threw Stormi an amazing birthday party called Stormi World.

Following the Stormi World party, rumors were rampant that Kylie and Travis had gotten back together, yet nothing has been made public at this point, confirming the matter. Kylie, Travis, and Stormi continue to share many family photos and videos that have led many to believe that their love is as strong as ever.

Kylie shared an additional photo in her Instagram stories that revealed a heart archway made of sunflowers, along with a full entranceway to Kylie's Calabasas mansion covered in sunflowers.

You may see the video that Kylie Jenner shared below.

What do you think about the extravagant gesture?

Do you think Travis Scott sent Kylie all of the sunflowers on Valentine's Day?


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