Kylie Jenner Is Rocking A Ridiculously Long Braid — Her Hair Is Dragging On The Ground

Kylie Jenner Is Rocking A Ridiculously Long Braid — Her Hair Is Dragging On The Ground
Credit: Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner is rocking a ridiculously long braid — it is so long, her hair is dragging on the ground and social media is letting her know just what they think about the look. Kylie's been in the Bahamas on vacation and on Sunday, she shared photos of herself, posing poolside. Her hair has been a honey-blonde color and fans have loved the look. But the reactions and responses coming in as Kylie displays her Rapunzel-length braid aren't as positive. Some have even remarked that her hair looks like a rat's tail! Others are suggesting that if she went in the pool with that braid, she could get sucked underwater and drown!

Kylie had her curves on full display in a one-piece bathing suit that complemented her skin tone and natural coloring. The braid, however, seemed to be a distraction for many who looked at Kylie's photos on her Instagram account. Kylie has 164.4 million Instagram followers and many simply weren't feeling the braid.

You may see a photo below where Kylie was seated on a diving board while her hair dragged on the ground below.

Khloe Kardashian chimed in, "Don't ever call me extra again."

Jamie Lynn Spears remarked that she thought Kylie's hair was a snake.

Kylie continued to share more photos with her hair on the ground. In the photo below, Kylie twisted her body and bent over to the side with her feet over the water. The braid hovered over the swimming poolK

Kylie shared several more photos. In the second picture in the slideshow below, Kylie's braid is dragging in the sand. Someone left the comment, "Girl, the horse tail has got to go."

Another person wrote, "Who lied to her and told her this hair looked good?"

Kylie shared a photo of herself from the front view. She held her face in her hands and you couldn't see the braid from the front. Still, some remarked that Kylie didn't look like herself in the photo.

She shared one more photo on her Instagram wall showing off her long braid. Kylie also shared photos of herself sporting the hair on her Instagram story.

What do you think of Kylie Jenner's ridiculously long braid? Do you like the look on her?

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