Kylie Jenner Gives Drake And Travis Scott An Irresistible View Of Her Best Assets In Skin-Tight Dress Photos

Kylie Jenner Gives Drake And Travis Scott An Irresistible View Of Her Best Assets In Skin-Tight Dress Photos
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Kylie Jenner is having fun turning the Internet upside down with every sizzling photo that she shares on social media, and she is probably driving both Travis Scott and Drake crazy while at it.

The reality TV star and model recently took to social, where she posted a sexy photo of herself in a skin-tight dress.

The mother of one, wearing a little dress, made sure her famous booty was in full display in the photo. Many rushed in the comment section to compliment Kylie on her impressive booty.

Recently,/ both Kylie and Travis made headlines after it was revealed by TMZ that they were back together. However, a few hours later, the website changed the story and created massive confusion.

Just hours after the reunion story between Kylie and Travis leaked, it was claimed that she was seen with Drake two nights in a row.

A source close to Kylie spoke to Hollywood Life and explained the confusion and said: “Kylie feels more at ease to be romantic with Travis without any extra baggage, and as they have decided to hang out with each other more. Travis is all in because he loves her, and she loves him, and it is what is working, and they don’t want to add anything else to define it all because it just adds headaches they don’t want or need. They have been romantic, they will continue to be romantic, but if anyone wants to say they are something more or not, they are going to hold that answer close to their vests because to them, it isn’t anyone’s business what they do in their private time together.”

A source with ties to Travis revealed that the rapper is still lusting over Kylie and added: “Travis is used to seeing Kylie change up her hair all the time, and he thinks she always looks beautiful no matter what. But this lighter look on her is different from anything he’s seen before, and he really loves it. Travis has seen Kylie with platinum hair in the past, but this is a softer look which he really loves.”

The person concluded by: “Travis thinks this new look is so sexy on Kylie, and he loves it. It’s a color he really hasn’t seen on her before, and he thinks she totally pulls it off. Travis has always been very complimentary of Kylie, but now that they’re in this unique situation where they are spending all this time together but not officially back together, he seems to praise her even more.”

No one knows for certain what Kylie is doing in her love life right now

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