Kyle Richards Is Ready For RHOBH Without Lisa Vanderpump!

Kyle Richards Is Ready For RHOBH Without Lisa Vanderpump!
Credit: Source: E! Online

Lisa Vanderpump has not yet revealed if she is returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after all of this season’s drama, but her co-star Kyle Richards is already talking about LVP’s possible exit. During a recent interview, the 50-year-old admitted that RHOBH without Vanderpump wouldn’t be the same, but “the show must go on.”

“I always wanted to do the show with Lisa,” Richards told E!’s Daily Pop. “You know, we have fun together. But I think if she doesn’t want to do it … then the show must go on, so to speak.”

Richards says that RHOBH will survive without Vanderpump, and this season’s ratings are proof. Despite LVP’s limited airtime in Season 9, Richards says fans are loving the show and ratings are high. While the former Little House on the Prairie actress would love to continue doing the show with Vanderpump, there’s nothing she can do about it if the restaurateur decides to leave. RHOBH has to move on, she says.

Richards also discussed the drama on the long-running series and insisted that the producers don’t manufacture it by playing the Housewives against each other. She says they are really careful about not doing that because producers don’t want their names popping up during a reunion. Richards explained that producers want to keep their hands clean, so they never approach a cast member with the intention of getting them worked up over a co-star.

As for those fans who believe RHOBH is scripted, Richards says “that’s not the case,” but it would definitely make their lives easier if it were true because they could leave all the drama behind them at the end of the day.

The women of RHOBH will soon be filming the Season 9 reunion, and Richards remains optimistic that Vanderpump will show up. She says none of the women enjoy filming the special because it’s a day full of emotional torture.

No matter if LVP shows or not, Richards believes there is still hope for their broken friendship.

“Honestly, I think that if you have a deep enough friendship and you care enough about someone, there’s always room for repair,” she explained. “That’s how I feel, but I can’t speak for Lisa, though.”

Vanderpump briefly addressed the possibility of leaving during a recent RHOBH aftershow, but all she would say is “it depends” and “I can’t say.”

New episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills air Tuesday nights on Bravo.


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  • Mia Banks
    Mia Banks May 5, 2019 3:21 PM PDT

    I like Kyle, but she is way off base about the show without LVP. Keep Kyle, Denise, Camille and LVP. I'm not even sure why Lisa Rinna, Dorit , Erica and Teddi are still there.

  • Tasos826
    Tasos826 May 3, 2019 2:17 PM PDT

    Kyle should have thought about expectations associated with a deep friendship before she insistently called Lisa Vanderpump a liar even after Lisa swore to her innocence on her own childrens' lives. No mother who lied would tempt fate by swearing on her babes' lives. Kyle thinks too much of herself and her errant thought processes in regard to her baseless confidence about ratings: 1. LVP has thus far appeared in every episode of RHOBH. There aren't any post-LVP show ratings, yet. If LVP appears next week, there won't be any post- LVP ratings again; 2. As the most popular Housewife in the entire Real Housewives of ... franchise, LVP naturally attracts the highest viewership. Ratings logically should be remarkably negatively impacted. (Less viewers also means lower ad revenue, a BRAVO concern that could impact Housewife salaries.) Kyle is arrogant, and entirely too confident about "ratings". The last episode of RHOBH that will be watched in this household will be the last in which LVP appears.

  • Karen
    Karen May 3, 2019 1:21 PM PDT

    Is Kyle ready for the show to be cancelled? I won't be watching without Lisa Vanderpump and I know many other viewers won't be either.

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