Kyle Richards Gets Candid About Her Eating Disorder While Working As A Teen Actress!

Kyle Richards Gets Candid About Her Eating Disorder While Working As A Teen Actress!
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Kyle Richards has battled an eating disorder before and now she is opening up about it for the very first time. In a preview for the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the reality TV star got candid about suffering from anorexia when she was a teen and working as an actress.

It looks like Kyle was inspired to reveal this by Lisa Rinna since she’s been talking about her daughter’s own eating disorder.

‘I feel weird even saying anything because I have never ever talked about this, not even with my daughters…,’ Kyle says in the clip.

Apparently, she kept quiet about it for a very long time because she did not want to give her daughters any ideas.

‘It started when I was 17 years old. I was on a TV show and they just kept putting me in these big clothes, my boobs were big when I was younger, my sisters were cute and tiny, everybody was blonde, blue-eyed and skinny. I said I do not like my wardrobe and they said, ‘Lose some weight and we will put you in cuter wardrobe,’’ she recalled.

As fans remember, as a teenager, Kyle was part of a few productions, such as Concrete Cowboys, Down to Earth, and CHiPs and Curfew.

‘People would compliment me but the more they did, the less I'd eat. I'd take V8 juice and put it in a bowl, heat it up and that was my food. I was 99 pounds. I can remember times where I was like, ‘I will only have 6 almonds today. That is all I am going to have.’ I was very self-conscious,’ the star went on to say.

In a confessional, Kyle admitted that she was sparked to share her experience after hearing about Lisa Rinna’s youngest.

She realized that she just couldn’t pretend she did not know how it feels to have anorexia.


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