Jennifer Aniston Praises Netflix's Stance Against New Georgia Legislation

Jennifer Aniston Praises Netflix's Stance Against New Georgia Legislation
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According to a report from Just Jared, Jennifer Aniston recently offered her opinion on the Georgia abortion law controversy, in addition to Netflix's stance on the issue. Speaking with reporters from Variety, Jennifer said she thinks it's "fantastic," because, "they have the voices, they have the power, and that's the way you have change happen."

Moreover, her co-star, Luis Gerardo Mendez, said that people, in general, need to be more supportive of women, because they have the right to choose whether they have a child or not. Mendez explained that when one has a platform, it's crucial to use it for the better.

Jennifer Aniston's new movie, Murder Myster y, created by Adam Sandler, hits Netflix tomorrow. As it was previously reported, Netflix isn't the only company to take a stance against the new abortion law passed in the state of Georgia.

AMC also insinuated they would consider pulling their very successful series, The Walking Dead, out of the state if the law was put into action. The Walking Dead is filmed there primarily.

Georgia is known for hosting many series and productions, so for studios and other companies to pull their businesses out of the state would cost billions of dollars.

Previously, I reported that Georgia has approximately 90,000 jobs devoted entirely to Hollywood-based productions. While, for the most part, celebrities and other entertainment executives have been supportive of the political stance taken by corporations, some fear corporations stepping into the political arena is a step in the wrong direction.

The CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, made similar comments, adding that he and the rest of the higher-ups at Disney would reconsider filming their movies in Georgia if the law is officially implemented. Iger suggested many of Disney's employees would be uncomfortable filming there if the supposedly harsh abortion law was put into place.

The new legislation makes it illegal to have an abortion past the period of 6 weeks, around the time of a noticeable heartbeat. Commentators have referred to it as the "heart-beat law."

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