KUWK: Lamar Odom Raves Over His New Girlfriend For Being 'All Natural!' - Shading Ex Khloe Kardashian?

KUWK: Lamar Odom Raves Over His New Girlfriend For Being 'All Natural!' - Shading Ex Khloe Kardashian?
Credit: Source: intouchweekly.com

Was the basketball player trying to shade his former wife over her alleged cosmetic procedures? Lamar Odom took to social media to post a hot pic of his new girlfriend Sabrina Parr and the caption caused many to think he was slamming Khloe Kardashian!

More precisely, the personal trainer was wearing a tiny red bathing suit in the photo and the man raved over the fact that she is a natural beauty!

That being said, social media users read between the lines and reached the conclusion that he must have been throwing some veiled shade at Khloe.

The snap he shared with his followers shows a before and after of his current girlfriend’s weight loss journey.

The first pic is of Sabrina’s post pregnancy body while the second puts her incredible abs, sculpted arms and toned legs on display!

‘Scrollin through @getuptoparr page like DAMN!!! 😍😍 My baby is an extremely hard worker. All NATURAL and real from the inside out. God has bought her in my life for me to reach my full potential and that’s to be Great. I got nuttin but Love for this women @getuptoparr !!!! #lamarandsabrina #wcw,’ Lamar wrote alongside it.

While he did not mention Khloe’s name or say anything about plastic surgery, it’s a well known fact that Khloe gets accused pretty often of modifying her nose as well as her body by going under the knife.

Still, fans reacted and it sounds like not everyone was happy about the possibility that he shaded Khloe.

‘You don’t need make digs at your highly supportive ex in order to compliment your lovely new lady, Lamar,’ someone told him.

On the other hand, some were amused, saying things like: ‘Shots fired 😂😂 who needs those Plastic Kardashian’s.’ / ‘She looks good @lamarodom! The shade THOUGH ALL NATURAL 😁😁 I KNOW THAT’S RIGHT!! KEEP IT NATURAL NOT PLASTIC.’


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