KUWK: Kris Jenner Is Worried About Kim And Kourtney's Constant Arguing

KUWK: Kris Jenner Is Worried About Kim And Kourtney's Constant Arguing
Credit: Source: stylecaster.com

The mid season trailer for Keeping Up with the Kardashians features a massive fight between sisters Kim and Kourtney and just witnessing it all over again, Kris is getting anxious, even though they seem to be getting along pretty well nowadays! The momager is just really worried seeing how volatile the arguments between the siblings can get.

She’s not called a momager for nothing! After all, Kris Jenner really likes to be in control when it comes to her family and family business!

However, in reality she can’t do much if her adult daughters don’t get along and fail to communicate the way they should.

It leads to really aggressive fighting and those really worry Kris.

The trailer shows Kim and Kourtney not holding anything back as they argue over the show.

When Kourt says she would not mind if Keeping Up with the Kardashians was cancelled, Kim suggests that she should just be fired.

The two sisters are the ones in the family who seem to argue the most and when it was all caught on camera, their conflict seemed more explosive than ever.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘The girls fight very dirty. They do not hold back and often say really hurtful things. But, they also do not shy away from talking about it. When things get really ugly, Kris forces them to just talk it out. She works hard to play peacemaker when her girls fight because she knows how important it is for them to stick together. If they do not have each other they have nothing. One of Kris’ biggest fears is that they will get into some sort of family feud. She knows that it could tear them apart.’

It has to be noted that the episodes were filmed months ago so the source assured the public that ‘Kourtney and Kim are getting along as of today. [However] They have always been the ones in the family who fight the most. It has been that way since they were really young. They love hard but also fight just as hard.’


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