Kim Zolciak Follows Daughter Brielle Biermann's Example And Refills Her Lips!

Kim Zolciak Follows Daughter Brielle Biermann's Example And Refills Her Lips!
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Kim Zolciak took to social media to show off her new lips after she followed her daughter Brielle’s example and refilled them just like her! The two already look like twins so both going for fuller pouts once again really made that even more obvious.

As you may know, Brielle initially decided that 2020 was the year that she would look more her age and go for a more natural look.

Therefore, she dissolved her fillers and seemed to love the result for a while.

However, she quickly decided to go back to her bigger lips and her mother followed suit!

So Kim took to her Instagram page to show the result after revealing she got them redone.

The pics show the reality TV star in the mirror, smiling brightly, the massive lips on display.

Furthermore, she was also rocking a white crop top which put her toned abs on display.

Kim then posted some clips on her IG Stories in which she admitted that ‘So I jumped on the Brielle Biermann bandwagon as well. I had my lips dissolved and Dr. Doan refilled them kind of to, make them perfect. I wanted them closer to my nose per se… I wanted a little pout in the center. And I wanted my line to be defined.’

She went on to explain that she had a certain image in mind so it took them some time to make the lips look the way she wanted.

‘It was over the course of 4 weeks. If you fill out too much at first, it will poke out very ducky. I am super happy and she gave me my color back in my lips.’

This came after Brielle also explained to her fans why she decided to inject fillers again after dissolving them: ‘All the filler I had before made my lips uneven…So i had @dr.thuydoan re-inject my lips JUST A TAD and I couldn’t be happier. Still NO WHERE NEAR how they were before.’


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