Meghan Trainor's Father Was Hit By A Car This Weekend

Meghan Trainor's Father Was Hit By A Car This Weekend
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The father of Meghan Trainor was hit by a car this weekend a new report from E! News revealed. The outlet confirmed that Gary Trainor had to go to the hospital after the accident. His spokesperson revealed on Saturday that he was "ok" and in good spirits.

TMZ claims Trainor was crossing a busy street this Friday night in LA when a vehicle struck him. Thus far, there haven't been any charges laid and the police are treating the collision as an accident.

Meghan took to her Instagram account on Sunday to thank her fans for supporting her, stating that it was "very scary," but her father was the strongest man she knew.

Meghan's personal life has been in the media several times in the last year, including in 2019, when she revealed that Beyonce and Daryl Sabara were her sources of inspiration to gain self-confidence. In October of 2019, Rachelle Lewis reported that the singer was "living her best life."

While Trainor, these days, is having the time of her life, it wasn't always that way. The singer sat down with Just The Sip for E! News recently to discuss the challenges she faced as a rising star in the music industry. According to Trainor, the "All About That Bass," video had her dressed up to the nines, including a corset and a "Spanx on top."

The singer-songwriter admitted she had never worn a corset or that much makeup before in her life, so much to the point that she began to question her identity by the end of it.

Trainor added that the irony of the video was the fact she was wearing so much makeup and clothing to make her look good, which wasn't the point of the song. In other words, she felt hypocritical about the music video but was too scared to say anything about it at the time.

The 25-year-old admitted that it felt like her dreams were coming true, but on the other hand, she realized her morals and principles weren't being represented as she wished. Ultimately, she chose not to complain because things were going so great for her at the time.

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